Our objectives

Prevention and promotion of child health

Help ensure that children have access to the highest attainable standard of health, that they can benefit from rehabilitation and medical services, help reduce infant and child mortality, work to provide children with high quality medical assistance and participate in the development of primary health care;


Participate in the fight against disease and malnutrition, including the domain of primary health care, by making use of readily available technology and promoting the awareness of the use of nutritious food and clean water given the dangers and risks of environmental pollution;


Participate in the development of preventive health care, guidance for parents and family planning education and services;


Participer au dépistage précoce, organiser des campagnes d’information et de sensibilisation, des manifestations culturelles et scientifiques et participer au développement de dépistage de maladies génétiques comme les maladies métaboliques.

Expertise in social pediatrics and in particular in child maltreatment and sexual abuse

Prevent, inform and raise awareness on child abuse and child rights;


Participate in prevention campaigns on child abuse for parents, children and teenagers at schools;


Inform professionals who have regular contact with children about child abuse, in order to help them identify children at risk and enable them to take action;


Listen, advise and support child victims and their families;


Provide psychological assistance for minor victims;


Provide training courses on child maltreatment and sexual abuse to professionals who work with young victims, in order to be able to:

  • Recognize physical signs suggestive of sexual violence, such as injuries and infections;
  • Make a differential diagnosis and determine the nature of physical signs (e.g. injuries due to falls, infections transmitted from mother to child, accidental contamination, etc.);
  • Recognize psychological suffering signs demonstrated by victims;
  • Identify profound emotional problems or “silent trauma “;
  • Assess an individual situation and determine and implement actions to protect and support minors and their familie;

Participate in the organization of public awareness campaigns on child abuse: tv, movies, print adds, billboards and digital domain.

Establishing partnerships

Establish partnerships, agreements and cooperation projects with public, semi-public, private or non-governmental organizations, nationally and internationally, natural or legal persons or any other institution with matching goals.

Creation of specialized medical centers for children and adolescents

Medical centers providing high quality health care, operating as specialized centers for diagnostics, functional exploration, day and inpatient care. This in collaboration with national and international pediatrics reference centers and in particular for:

  • Treatment of infectious diseases in children
  • General pediatrics
  • Supportive children’s hematology
  • Neurology and metabolic diseases
  • Gastroenterology and nutrition
  • Pulmonology
  • Endocrinology and diabetes
  • Cardiology

Research, training and communication

Participate in the dissemination of information to all society groups, particularly to parents and children, regarding child health and nutrition, the advantages of breastfeeding, the importance of hygiene, clean environment and accident prevention.  Furthermore, support these groups to enable them to make the best use of this information;


Participate in the exchange of relevant information in the field of preventive health care and of medical, psychological and functional treatment of disabled children, together with the dissemination of information on the methods of rehabilitation and providing access to relevant data. This, in order to enable various professionals in the field of child and adolescent care to improve their competencies, skills and experience in this area;


Setting up a documentation center including a library and internet portal that is accessible to professionals, to facilitate to them to acquire relevant knowledge. If possible, also publish a bilingual newsletter;


Participate in the public debate on policy concerning children and adolescents and, if possible, participate in the implementation of effective national programs.


Participate in the promotion of education and training, by organizing internships, congresses, workshops and other events.

Participation in the opening and management of medical centers

Participation in the opening and management of medical centers of prevention, care, rehabilitation and reintegration of disabled children.

Promotion of international cooperation

The promotion of international cooperation in order to achieve the objectives of the center.