International Pediatric Center in Tangier

An advanced pediatric infrastructure

A leading-edge communication center promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise

A center integrating several facets concerning child and adolescent health

An international collaboration on child and adolescent health

An integral part of the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam (EKZ/AMC)

NTR documentary

In this Dutch documentary "I'll take you along", also shown in Moroccan television, we can see one of the reasons why Dr. Dahhan set up the International Pediatric Center project in Tangier.

Collaboration with EKZ AMC

The center works in close collaboration with Emma Children's Hospital of the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam (EKZ AMC).

Who is Dr. Nordin Dahhan?

In this interview for Hespress, Nordin Dahhan explains his background within the Moroccan and Dutch contexts and expresses about his vision on pediatrics.